Our Lady Queen of Peace, St. Clement's and St. Gerard's

Events 2019

PARISH MISSION - held at Our Lady Queen of Peace

Animated by Fransalian Priests

Monday 1 April 2019 AWESOME GOD Fr Philip MSFS
Tuesday 2 April 2019 HOW CAN I THANK GOD Fr Nikseng MSFS
Wednesday 3 April 2019 MARRIAGE AND FAMILY Fr Philip MSFS
Thursday 4 April 2019 MAN'S SIN AND GOD'S FORGIVENESS Fr Philip MSFS
Friday 5 April 2019 SACRAMENT OF CONFESSION Fr Nikseng MSFS
Saturday 6 April 2019 LIFE IN THE SPIRIT Fr Nikseng MSFS

Monday to Thursday, Saturday will be Praise and Worship at 6:30, Holy Mass at 7pm followed by talk.

Friday - Praise and Worship at 6:30pm, Preparation for Confession at 7pm, followed by individual confession at 7:30pm.